Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is raw milk safe to drink?
    Yes, we are heavily monitored by the state and have to meet very strict quality guidelines. These guidelines are much stricter for raw milk than for conventional dairies.
  2. What is your milking process?
    We first wash the cows udders with water then dip them with an iodine based solution then wipe them clean, dip them again with the iodine solution and wipe them clean again. We then attach an automatic milker then post dip the utters with an iodine based solution with emollients which help moisturize the teat and keep them healthy. 
  3. How do we keep raw milk fresh?
    The biggest factor is that we keep the milk cold and keeping the milk out of the light is another.
  4. Are your cows pasture fed?
    Yes, they have access to the pasture during the warm summer months.
  5. What else do your cows eat?
    They are fed a Non-GMO ration consisting of barley, sugar cane molasses, palm oil, and alfalfa.
  6. Do you use hormones or antibiotics?
    No, if a cow that produces the A2/A2 protein becomes sick, she is removed from the A2 herd and treated. The A2 herd is antibiotic free and hormone free.
  7. How long is raw milk good?
    It is good for drinking for 7-10 days. After that, the flavor begins to change and taste like typical store milk, it is still safe to use for cooking and drinking.
  8. What is the A2/A2 protein found in our milk? 
    Cows produce milk with either the A1/A1, A1/A2, or the A2/A2 beta casein. Studies have shown that milk with the A2/A2 protein is easier to digest and does not cause the inflammatory response that other milk can produce. 
  9. What are the benefits of raw milk?
    Raw milk is the way God intended milk to be consumed, it has the natural enzymes to break down the lactose in the milk. It has natural bacteria which are good for your own digestion (they are called probiotics). It has the natural fat that makes you feel full longer so you don’t eat a lot of empty calories. The proteins in A2 milk also help build and maintain muscle.
  10. Is your milk homogenized and pasteurized?
    No, those two processes we have found alter the way the body uses the milk and is not positive.
  11. What kind of cows do you have?
    We have Guernsey cows.
  12. Do you deliver the milk?
    No, we are currently selling them in store only.

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Where can you find Paradise Grove Dairy Raw Milk?

Rexburg Broulims, Nature's Nook, Driggs Broulims, Victor Valley Market, Dave's Jubilee in Ashton, St. Anthony Broulims, Manwaring Cheese in in Idaho Idaho Falls, Rigby Broulims, Wealth of Health, Ammon Broulims, Shelley Broulims, Kesler's in Blackfoot, Nel's Bi-Los in Pocatello, Saveway in Salmon, Mountain Harvest Community Market in Salmon, Lambs Market in Challis, Ivie's Grocery in Mackay, Stokes Freshfood Market in Burley, Swensen's Market in Paul, Swensen's Market in Twin Falls (Addison), Swensen's Market in Twin Falls (Washington), Boise Co-op North End, Boise Co-op in Meridian, Vogel Farms in Kuna, Old Fashioned Fruit and Vegetable Stand in Boise (seasonal), Nourishme in Ketchum, Atkinson's in Ketchum, Village Market in Ketchum, Atkinson's in Hailey, Atkinson's in Bellevue, Kraay's Market in Bellevue, Itty Bitty Farms in Carey, Reed's Dairy In Idaho Falls, Meridian, and Kuna